Martinstraße 12
A-3400, Klosterneuburg, AUSTRIA

To reach the KLI from Vienna, we strongly recommend the use of public transport.

Trains to Klosterneuburg/Kierling (train line S40, direction Tulln or Sankt Pölten) leave from Wien Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof, Wien Spittelau (subway U4 and U6), and Wien Heiligenstadt (U4). For further information see link below (train information).  

Buses to Klosterneuburg leave from Wien Heiligenstadt (U4). Please use either regional buses (number 239, direction Maria Gugging) or the IST Austria shuttle busses (number 242). The train ride from Wien Heiligenstadt to Klosterneuburg Kierling takes 9 minutes, the bus ride 15 minutes. The KLI is within 3 minutes walking distance from the stations (see detailed map of the walkway below).  

There is no visitor parking area at the KLI. If you need to come by car, please use one of the three parking areas next to the train station (see map below).


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Walkway from the station to the KLI