Wim HORDIJK´S talk on autocatalytic sets

Apr 10, 2017

KLI Senior Fellow Wim Hordijk gives a general and high-level introduction to his work on autocatalytic sets in the context of the origin of life.

“Hands-on” Workshop on Historical, Philosophical, and Interdisciplinary Writing & Publishing

Mar 15, 2017

Send paper excerpts to to be discussed at the ISHPSSB Meeting 2017 "Hands-on" Workshop!

KLI Alumni Lee Altenberg´s paper in PNAS

Mar 09, 2017

We congratulate KLI Alumni Lee Altenberg on his new paper "Unified reduction principle for the evolution of mutation, migration, and recombination" in PNAS.

KLI Alumni Lee Altenberg´s work cited by BBC

Mar 03, 2017

Read the BBC report that cites Lee Altenberg´s famous 1996 paper with G. Wagner!

KLI Fellow Barbara Fischer´s work on BBC

Jan 19, 2017

There is a long-standing idea that the "obstetric dilemma" is due to the upright posture of humans, but new research suggests that might not be the whole story.

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