Stuart Newman´s article in the Huffington Post

Dec 11, 2015

Evolution of organisms:

New article by Irina Kareva in Biological Theory

Dec 04, 2015

Cancer Ecology: Niche Construction, Keystone Species, Ecological Succession, and Ergodic Theory

New issue of Biological Theory is out!

Dec 04, 2015

Biological Theory 10:4

Access to New Free Articles in Biological Theory

Nov 19, 2015

New articles in Theoretical Biology!

The Extended Evolutionary Synthesis: Its Structure, Assumptions and Predictions

Oct 01, 2015

New article on the "Extended Evolutionary Synthesis" by Laland, Uller, Feldman, Sterelny, Müller, Moczek, Jablonka, and Odling-Smee in Proceedings of the Royal Society B

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