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KLI Fellowships:

Description and Application Procedure


The KLI supports theoretical research across biological disciplines, as well as philosophical and historical inquiries into the practice and theory of biological investigation. Traditionally, our focus has been on evolutionary developmental biology and evolutionary science, with a sprinkle of cognitive research, as described in more detail here. We are expanding the range of topics for projects at the KLI to conceptually oriented research proposals from all branches of biology.

Greg Boyle's movie conveys an impression of the various kinds of fellowship carried out at the KLI.

We provide a list of our fellowships with eligibility conditions below. We welcome applications from advanced doctorate students, from postdocs and from senior researchers.

If you are interested in applying, please use the contact form

Applicants of all nationalities will be considered. All applications must be written in English, which is the language used for presentations and scientific communication at the KLI.

The application process includes the following steps:

  1. The scientific director assesses the suitability and quality of your application. If the scientifi director’s assessment is positive, we request a more formal application and detailed project description by email.
  2. Your project proposal is sent for external review. If the referees’ assessment is positive, applicants may be invited for an interview to present their past research and planned project at the KLI. In case it is not possible for a candidate to visit, we will arrange an interview by phone or teleconference instead.
  3. Based on the interview and the written proposal, the scientific director issues a recommendation to the KLI Board, which takes the final decision to grant or reject your proposal.


KLI Board meetings are scheduled 3–4 times a year. Please allow at least 4–6 months for processing your application.
Rejection decisions by the scientific director and the KLI Board are final. There is no possibility to appeal this decision.


The KLI provides different categories of fellowships:

For Resident Faculty
KLI Postdoctoral Fellowship
Eligibility: researchers who obtained their doctoral degree no more than eight years before the start of their fellowship.
Remuneration: postdoctoral stipend, travel expenses.
Duration: one year.
Extension: one additional year, pending review by the KLI Board.

KLI Senior Fellowship
Eligibility: accomplished researchers who obtained their doctoral degree more than eight years before the start of their fellowship.
Remuneration: senior stipend, travel expenses.
Duration: one year.
Extension: one additional year, pending review by the KLI Board.

Hans Przibram Fellowship
Eligibility: postdoctoral or senior fellows in their second-year extension at the KLI; this fellowship provides an additional third-year extension for exceptionally successful investigators. Applicants external to the KLI cannot apply.
Remuneration: postdoctoral or senior stipend, travel expenses.
Duration: one year.
For Resident Doctorate Students
KLI Writing-Up Fellowship
Eligibility: advanced doctorate students, who have completed their research and are in the writing-up phase of their doctoral thesis.
Duration: up to six months; not extendable.
Remuneration: stipend, travel expenses.
For Visitors
KLI Visiting Fellowship
Eligibility: senior researchers, postdocs, or advanced PhD students who wish to work at the KLI for an extended period on projects related to the aims of the institute.
Duration: one week to several months.
Remuneration: accommodation and travel expenses.

In addition to Visiting Fellows, the KLI always welcomes informal scientific Visitors at all stages of their scientific career. If you would like to visit the KLI for a short or more extended stay without requiring remuneration, please contact the KLI through our contact form.