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The KLI support international groups of scholars in the life and sustainability sciences working on interdisciplinary projects to conduct their groundbreaking research at the institute.  KLI Focus Groups and Working Groups aim to develop ideas on a particular subject and generate suggestions for action. The participants have different scientific backgrounds and strive to develop specific, practical goals.  Focus Groups are one-time meetings gathering and working together at the KLI for a period of one to maximum two weeks. Working Groups comprise 3 meetings over the course of one year and a half.

Event Details

KLI Special Event
ZARA introductory workshop
ZARA Civil Courage and Anti-Racism-Work
2022-11-10 13:00 - 2022-11-10 17:00
Organized by ZARA & KLI

Led by the Zivilcourage und Anti-Rassismus-Arbeit (ZARA, Civil Courage and Anti-racism-work), the goal of the workshop is to help our fellows develop sensitivities for the different cultural, social, and socio-economic backgrounds that inhabit the KLI space. The ZARA workshops are not just an engaging format for our researchers to introduce themselves to each other. It's also important for our fellows to know that ZARA is there for them if they experience or witness any hate crimes.