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KLI Brown Bag
Natural Selection, Developmental Constraints, and Downward Causation
Maximiliano MARTÌNEZ (National University of Colombia)
2009-01-28 13:15 - 2009-01-28 13:15
KLI for Evolution and Cognition Research, Altenberg, Austria
Organized by KLI

Topic description:
In this talk I will explain how natural selection and developmental constraints are complementary evolutionary factors, and how they can be viewed as instances of downward causation (the last one defined as the causal influence of higher levels on lower levels -of natural organization). The model I propose evades the usual dichotomy ‘evolution or development,’ while it promotes an integrative conceptual frame in these areas. At the end of my talk, I will mention how my proposal can be expanded with the findings of Complex Systems Biology.


Biographical note:
Maximiliano Martínez obtained his PhD degree at the Philosophy Department of the National University of Colombia, Bogotá (2008). In his dissertation, "Natural Selection and Developmental Constraints: Taking Downward Causation Seriously," he proposed an integrative causal model for evolution and development. His advisor was Prof. Dr. Alejandro Rosas (currently at the KLI). He has been a predoctoral guest researcher at the Cavanilles Institute for Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology (University of Valencia) and at the Institute of Philosophical Research (UNAM, Mexico). His full vitae, as well as his publications and presentations, can be found at: