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Lean evolutionary epistemology
Author: Callebaut, Werner and Stotz, Karola
Journal: Evolution and Cognition
Volume: 4
Year: 1998
Pages: 11—36

Euphoric claims about a "new evolutionary enlightenment" notwithstanding, EE seems to be reaching a stage of diminishing intellectual returns if conceived of narrowly as the systematic elaboration of the programmatic ideas of the founding fathers. On the other hand, an array of alternative research programs are coming to the fore that deal with various aspects of the relation between evolution and cognition in promisingly new ways: evolutionary psychology, the adaptive behavior and cognition program (Gigerenzer), reliabilism, regulatory systems theory (Hooker), situated activity and interactive emergence (Hendriks-Jansen), or memetics, to name but a few. We critically review both EE sensu stricto and some of these newer approaches. We recommend a reflection on the naturalistic roots of EE-the quest for a scientific, that is, anti-transcendent and anti-transcendental epistemology for limited beings-which we hope may inspire a version of EE apt to face the future.