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History of Biology
Rheinberger Hans-Jörg

Richard Goldschmidt’s Experimental Work and the Notion of Phenocopy

2018-09-17 - 2018-10-31

Cognition and Sociality
Christensen Wayne

Self-Directedness, Learning and the Evolution of Intelligent Agents

2002-03-01 - 2004-02-29

Cognition and Sociality
Gonzalez Cabrera Ivan

Sharing our Normative Worlds: An Evolutionary Theory of Human Norm-psychology

2019-03-01 - 2020-02-29

Cognition and Sociality
Bugnyar Thomas

Social Cognition in Ravens

2001-06-01 - 2001-08-31

Cognition and Sociality
Schwab Christine

Social Networks in Corvids: Investigating Structural and Functional Patterns of Social Systems

2009-11-15 - 2011-11-14

Cognition and Sociality
Scheuring István

Social Noise and the Evolution of Human Cooperation

2009-09-01 - 2010-01-31

Cognition and Sociality
Griebel Ulrike

Spatial Probability Learning in Octopus

1998-09-01 - 2001-06-30

Philosophy of Biology
Suarez Javier

Stability of Traits as the Kind of Stability that Matters: Holobionts as Units of Selection

2019-03-05 - 2019-06-02

Cognition and Sociality
Talmont-Kaminski Konrad

Superstition as a natural cognitive phenomenon

2007-06-15 - 2008-06-14

Cognition and Sociality
Stotz Karola

Systemtheoretische Betrachtungen der kognitiven und sozialen Entwicklung

1993-07-01 - 1995-12-31

Philosophy of Biology
Veigl Sophie Juliane

Testing Scientific Pluralism

2019-11-01 - 2020-04-30

Cognition and Sociality
Khalil Elias

The Biological Bases of Behavioral Anomalies

2004-11-01 - 2006-10-31

Cognition and Sociality
Pazmándi Christian

The Biological Type Concept

2000-04-01 - 2002-03-31

Cognition and Sociality
Quintelier Katinka

The Bridges between ‘Is’ and ‘Ought’

2012-03-15 - 2012-06-14

Cognition and Sociality
Heintz Christophe

The Co-evolution of Scientific Cognition and Institutions

2007-04-16 - 2009-04-15