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Interview: Philosophy in and for sustainability science

The field of philosophy of science in practice is currently undergoing rapid evolution, delving into novel scientific realms and broadening the range of inquiries that philosophers of science explore. The latest newsletter from the Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (SPSP) presents a collection of articles and interviews, showcasing the societal, political, and ethical dimensions that practice-oriented philosophy of science can address.

Included in the newsletter is an interview with Guido Caniglia by Hernán Bobadilla on the subject of conducting philosophy in and for sustainability science. Guido delves into the epistemic and ethical challenges in inter- and transdisciplinary research. This includes how the tensions between integration and pluralism and between justice and care can be navigated in practical settings.

Read the insightful interview - including why good philosophers of science in practice are like salt in a dish- here!

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