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Welcoming Anne Le Maitre to the KLI

We are delighted to welcome our new Postdoctoral Fellow Anne Le Maitre to the KLI!

Anne received her doctoral degree from the Université de Poitiers for her dissertation on the adaptation and phylogeny of the inner ear in extant and fossil primates. For her postdoc, she joined the department of theoretical biology at the University of Vienna in 2017 where she studied the evolutionary mechanisms (developmental canalisation, evolvability) underlying morphological variation from an empirical perspective.

Here at the KLI, Anne's  project, "Evolvability of the mammalian ear: A macroevolutionary approach" seeks to investigate deeper into how the increased evolvability of the ear in mammals, attributed to the evolutionary transformation of the primary jaw joint into the ear ossicles, may have contributed to their evolutionary success and adaptive diversification in the vast diversity of ecological and behavioural niches observable today.

Alongside her academic work, Anne is active in diverse initiatives to promote democracy and inclusivity in research institutions and in the society.

Anne will be a postdoctoral fellow at the KLI starting 1st Feb 2024.

We wish Anne a happy, healthy and productive time at the KLI!