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Ilvanna Salas Leon

Ilvanna Salas León is a passionate scientist with interdisciplinary interests. Some of her areas of interest are sociogenomics, evolution, systems biology and complexity science.In her research, Ilvanna aims to integrate evolutionary theories with genomic and social information to improve understanding of the coevolution between genomes and social behaviors.She holds a Bachelor's degree in Biology from the Universidad de Los Andes de Venezuela. She is a PhD candidate in Integrative Genomics at the Universidad Mayor, Santiago de Chile. She is based at the GEMA Center for Genomics, Ecology & Environment where she conducts research on the relationship between genome architecture and social behaviors under the supervision of Sebastián Abades. In 2021 she was a research intern at Rudolf Hanel’s lab at the Institute of the Science of Complex Systems of the Medical University of Vienna. She has recently been awarded a Writing-Up fellowship at the KLI to complete her thesis.In her free time, Ilvanna enjoys doing sports like kick-boxing, aerial silks and biking.