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Elias Khalil

Elias Khalil is an associate professor of economic development at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies, Qatar.  Khalil received his Ph.D. in economics from the New School for Social Research in 1990.  He held teaching positions at Monash University (Victoria, Australia), Vassar College (New York, USA), and Ohio State University at Mansfield (Ohio, USA). He was a visiting fellow at Department of Economics, University of Chicago, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Economic Systems (Jena, Germany), and Konrad Lorenz Institute (Altenberg, Austria). His research areas are behavioral economics and political economy.  He focuses on the interplay of rationality, emotions, and morality.  Khalil’s papers appeared in journals such as Economic Inquiry, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Biology and Philosophy, Biological Theory, Theory and Decision, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, International Negotiation, Theoria, Philosophy, Economic Modelling, Economics Letters, Critical Horizons, and Economics and Philosophy.