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Mihaela Pavlicev
KLI Brown Bag
A Model of Developmental Evolution: Selection, Pleiotropy, Compensation
Michael PAVLIČEV (University of Vienna)
2011-12-20 13:15 - 2011-12-20 13:15
Organized by KLI

Topic description:
Development translates genetic variation into phenotypic variation and determines the genotype-phenotype map. Any genetic change in the genotype-phenotype map reflects a change in developmental processes. I will discuss evidence for variation in pleiotropy and propose the SPC model (Selection, Pleiotropy, and Compensation) for adaptive evolution. It predicts that adaptive change in one character is associated with deleterious pleiotropy in others and subsequent selection to compensate for these pleiotropic effects. The SPC model provides a unifying perspective for a variety of puzzling phenomena including developmental systems drift, and character homogenization. I estimate that a great majority of adaptive signatures detected in genome scans are likely to be compensatory changes, rather than progressive trait adaptations.


Biographical note:
Mihaela Pavličev is currently a Lecturer in the Department of Theoretical Biology at the University of Vienna. She studied ecology at the University of Vienna (MA, 1998; PhD, 2003), and subsequently trained in molecular phylogenetics at the Natural History Museum in Vienna. She was a post-doc (as a Schrödinger Fellow) in quantitative genetics with Jim Cheverud at Washington University in St. Louis (2006-08), and in theoretical population genetics with Thomas Hansen at Oslo University (2008-2011).


Selected Publications:
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