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Jozsef Garay
KLI Brown Bag
Introduction to Evolutionary Game Theory
József GARAY (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, and KLI)
2005-06-07 13:15 - 2005-06-07 13:15
KLI for Evolution and Cognition Research, Altenberg, Austria
Organized by KLI

Topic description:
There are two different types of selection situation. The first one is abiotic selection, where the number of offspring (i.e. fitness) of each individual depends on an abiotic parameter of the physical environment. In this case the fitness of each individual depends only on the phenotype of the individual inquestion. The second type is biotic selection, when individual fitness depends on the phenotypes of all interacting individuals. Usually, individuals are counter-interested among them. This situation is a typical game-theoretical conflict. In this talk I will overview the basic ideas of frequency-dependent evolutionary game theory, namely, the concepts of evolutionary stable strategy and replicator dynamics.


Biographical note:
Jozsef Garay, graduating in Biology at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, obtained his MSc diploma in 1986. He studied mathematics at the postgraduate level with individual curriculum at the same university (1985-1989). His PhD thesis (2003) was entitled "Lotka-Volterra versus game theory." From 1986 on he has worked in the Ecological and Theoretical Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at Eötvös Loránd University. He teaches courses in biometrics, mathematical modeling in biology, and evolutionary biology. Using biomathematical methods in his research, his fields of interest are evolutionary game theory, Lotka-Volterra models, and population genetics.