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Roberto Cazzolla Gatti
KLI Colloquia
Ivindo: a journey into the green heart of Africa
Roberto Cazzolla Gatti (KLI)
2020-10-08 15:00 - 2020-10-08 17:00
Organized by KLI

KLI Postdoctoral Fellow Roberto Cazzolla Gatti shows his documentary, filmed in 2015 & released in 2019. Ivindo: a journey into the green heart of Africa.

The documentary tells the story of a month-long expedition to explore, on foot, the remote tropical forests in the Congo River basin. Roberto brings alive its mostly unknown biodiversity & the multi-faceted threats it's facing.


Biographical note:

Roberto Cazzolla Gatti is an Italian environmental and evolutionary biologist, and a biodiversity expert, who studies the diversity, behaviour, evolution, and ecology of species on Earth. He is an Associate Professor and the Head and Scientific Coordinator of the MSc Program in Biodiversity at the Biological Institute of the Tomsk State University, Russia.

He also works as a freelance documentary photographer and wildlife filmmaker and coordinates geographic and scientific explorations of some of the most remote places on Earth. In 2019, his documentary-film on the biodiversity of Congo river basin's forests entitled “Ivindo: a journey into the green heart of Africa” was released by the Colibrì Studio Productions.