The KLI Focus Group is a newly developed format that gathers leading experts of an interdisciplinary field with the aim to develop ideas on a particular subject and generate suggestions for action. The invitees come from different scientific backgrounds and strive to develop specific, practical goals within the designated period of one to two weeks.


Event Details

The focus group participants having a relaxing moment at the end of their meeting with some wine tasting in a local wine cellar
Focus Group
Synthesizing (a kind of) Life
1st KLI Focus Group
2017-09-24 18:30 - 2017-09-29 16:00
Organized by Wim Hordijk (KLI)

During the last week of September 2017 the KLI's first ever focus group meeting took place. The meeting was organized by KLI senior fellow Wim Hordijk, and the participants included Stuart Kauffman, Eors Szathmary, Niles Lehman, Sijbren Otto, Christoph Flamm, and Marco Villani. The main purpose of the meeting was to produce a first draft for a research proposal on the origin of life based on the notions of autocatalytic sets and protocells. The participants will continue their joint efforts over the next several months to finalize the proposal, building on what was discussed and produced during their meeting at the KLI.