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Many activities of the KLI exceed the scientific core agenda and are intended to engage with either the public or with alumni and friends of the KLI. Some representative acitivities are listed here.

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KLI Special Event
Cogsci lab visit
Cogsci UniVie
2022-12-07 14:00 - 2022-12-07 17:00
Organized by Isabella Sarto-Jackson

Students of the University of Vienna cognitive science master program visited the KLI in December to learn more about the type of research supported by the KLI.

Laura Menatti, Luis Alejandro Villanueva Hernández, Corey Bunch, Jonte Palmblad, Hari Sridhar, and Ilvanna Salas Leon presented their work. Organized by Isabella Sarto-Jackson, the visit bridges University of Vienna and the KLI.