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Ioan Fazey
University of York

Ioan Fazey is Professor of the Social Dimensions of Environment and Change at the University of York. He has over 65 research publications in knowledge, learning, resilience, vulnerability, sustainability and how to support societal transformations. His work has included innovative projects on community resilience in the South Pacific and Scotland, co-creative projects to build flood resilient floating homes in Bangladesh, and helping facilitate conversations about how to transform responses to rapidly rising sea levels in Louisiana, USA. He is actively involved in helping support and facilitate emergence of a growing field of research and practice related to Transformations to Sustainability. This includes convening the Transformations Conference Series and being a co-founder of the SDG Transformation Forum. He is also atrustee of H3Uni, an action oriented organisation seeking to promote transformative thinking and capacity for working within a changing world. To find solace from a turbulent world and help him foster inspiration and support he spends time connecting with the non-human world, including with his dog.