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Elis Jones
University of Exeter

Elis Jones a philosopher and sociologist focusing on scientific practice and values in marine contexts. He believes better understanding how values shape scientific practice makes producing inclusive and effective socio-ecological outcomes easier. His BA dissertation (degree in politics, philosophy and economics with study abroad) offered a non-anthropocentric definition of environmental damage. His MRes in Science and Technology Studies focused on human bioengineering of corals. His PhD, based at Exeter University’s Egenis Centre, focused on the value attributed to coral reefs by scientists. This work was empirical and conceptual: He interviewed coral scientists, qualitatively analysed pools of this data, and engaged with scientific literature to produce a socio-ecological understanding of coral science as an activity, and the roles of various forms of value within this.
His work is interdisciplinary and engaged, borrowing from philosophy, sociology, science and technology studies (STS), and ecology. He has worked closely with scientists and engaged with the public, by organising, attending and speaking at events with marine and social scientists, philosophers, arts and humanities scholars, the general public, and school children. Recently, he has been organising an international workshop, research network, and edited journal volume to foster closer dialogues between STS, philosophy, and marine science.