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The BioPAX community standard for pathway data sharing
Author: Demir, Emek and Cary, Michael P. and Paley, Suzanne and Fukuda, Ken and Lemer, Christian and Vastrik, Imre and Wu, Guanming and D'Eustachio, Peter and Schaefer, Carl and Luciano, Joanne and Schacherer, Frank and Martinez-Flores, Irma and Hu, Zhenjun and Jimenez-Jacinto, Veronica and Joshi-Tope, Geeta and Kandasamy, Kumaran and Lopez-Fuentes, Alejandra C. and Mi, Huaiyu and Pichler, Elgar and Rodchenkov, Igor and Splendiani, Andrea and Tkachev, Sasha and Zucker, Jeremy and Gopinath, Gopal and Rajasimha, Harsha and Ramakrishnan, Ranjani and Shah, Imran and Syed, Mustafa and Anwar, Nadia and Babur, Ozgun and Blinov, Michael and Brauner, Erik and Corwin, Dan and Donaldson, Sylva and Gibbons, Frank and Goldberg, Robert and Hornbeck, Peter and Luna, Augustin and Murray-Rust, Peter and Neumann, Eric and Reubenacker, Oliver and Samwald, Matthias and van Iersel, Martijn and Wimalaratne, Sarala and Allen, Keith and Braun, Burk and Whirl-Carrillo, Michelle and Cheung, Kei-Hoi and Dahlquist, Kam a
Journal: Nature Biotechnology
Volume: 28
Year: 2010
Pages: 935—942