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The Translational Medicine Ontology: Driving personalized medicine by bridging the gap from bedside to bench
Author: Dumontier, Michel and Andersson, Bosse and Batchelor, Colin and Denney, Christine and Domarew, Christopher and Jentzsch, Anja and Luciano, Joanne and Pichler, Elgar and Prud’hommeaux, Eric and Whetzel, Patricia and Bodenreider, Olivier and Clark, Tim and Harland, Lee and Kashyap, Vipul and Kos, Peter and Kozlovsky, Julia and McGurk, James and Ogbuji, Chimezie and Samwald, Matthias and Schriml, Lynn and Tonellato, Peter J. and Zhao, Jun and Stephens, Susie
Booktitle: Bio-Ontologies 2010, colocated with ISMB2010
Year: 2010