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Klemm Thomas | Other
2000-05-01 - 2002-04-30 | Research area: Other
The KLI Theory Lab: Building a Theoretical Biology Database
The primary aim of the KLI Theory Lab is to highlight thematic interconnections between areas that look intellectually promising, but often remain invisible because of the disciplinary organization of the scientific enterprise. The KLI Theory Lab does not aspire to cover the literature in all these areas exhaustively. For many of them, excellent literature data bases and surveys are readily available. Only in the areas of evolutionary epistemology and the philosophy of biology, where the literature is at present scattered and often difficult to locate, do we aim at completeness. More than 30,000 external links currently connect the KLI Theory Lab to other Internet resources such as homepages of authors, scientific institutes, societies, and journals. The contents of the current (flat file) version of the KLI Theory Lab will be easily accessible by means of the usual search engines. An internal search engine allows for full text search. A Help facility is also included. The KLI Theory Lab is an ongoing project; it will be further extended in the light of the feedback we expect to receive from our users. Specifically, it is the project leaders´ ambition to progressively establish the KLI Theory Lab as a widely visible and useful interactive research tool for all scholars interested in the interconnections between any of the areas listed above. Making the full text of important literature items available will be a high priority.