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Quintelier Katinka | Writing-Up Fellow
2012-03-15 - 2012-06-14 | Research area: Cognition and Sociality
The Bridges between ‘Is’ and ‘Ought’
The main goal of my stay at the Konrad Lorenz Institute is to inform normative ethics by using empirical findings. I focus on three topics. 1 Religion and morality. Previously, I explained the structure of naturalistic ethics and how it relates to the naturalistic fallacy. In this project, I apply this notion of naturalistic ethics to the creationism-evolution debate. 2 Child-care and human nature. I also apply the notion of naturalistic ethics to the question of who should be encouraged to care for children. Evolutionary theories suggest that women evolved to assist each other in child care duties. In light of these and biological data, should we really urge only fathers to stay home and care for their children, should we focus on the promotion of child care facilities, or should we include still other options? 3 Moral relativism. In previous work, I argue that lay people have consistent agent relativist notions of morality. This is a subset of moderate moral relativism that has been ignored in the literature. I will further ask if this kind of folk moral relativism is normatively appealing.