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Yilmaz Özlem | Writing-Up Fellow
2018-04-15 - 2018-10-14 | Research area: Philosophy of Biology
Plant Stress Physiology

The aim of this research is to investigatewhether the ontology of “stress” is more about encounter or resistance; it rises and discusses several questions. Stress is the responses of an organism to ‘big’ perturbations that cause drastic changes in phenomes which may be called as ‘injured’. Does plant resist to the stressor or does it encounter with it? How do we call the degree of injury? The phenome of plant after encounter may be living better in the environment with the stressor so why do we see it as injured? How do we decide if it is susceptible or resistant to the stressor? Is this decision more about comparison between individuals or species; or their interaction with different degrees of the stressor? A living system encounters with the stressor actively. Does that mean it is an agent? How much do the concepts of ‘resistance’ and ‘stressor’ relate to the pragmatic causes about the fact that we need better adapted and bigger crop plants? How much do they relate to the ontology of encounter?