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Carmen Esther | Writing-Up Fellow
2020-02-01 - 2020-07-31 | Research area: Sustainability Research
Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Social Capital for Community Resilience in the Context of Climate Change

While there has been growing emphasis on the importance of social capital in shaping social-ecological resilience and processes leading towards more sustainable trajectories, there has been limited attention to the deepter socio-cultural dimensions involved. The aim of this proposal for the fellowship is to examine the nature and role of socio-cultural dimensions of social capital in shaping a community level socio-ecological change initiative. This builds on my previous and current interdisciplinary PhD work which has so far examined the role of social relationsships in community change intitiatives and diverse factors shaping these processes. For the KLI fellowship, I will build on this work and apply an interpretivist methodology and a transdisciplinary philosophy to analyse data already collected. This data relates to socio-cultural dimensions interacting with social relationships in systemic oriented climate change initiatives. The work is important and novel given the limited attention to a socio-cultural approach to social capital in resilience building.