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Knickel Marina | Writing-Up Fellow
2021-10-15 - 2022-04-14 | Research area: Sustainability Research
Capacity to Co-Learn and Adapt in Transformation-Oriented Multi-Actor Research

The unique potential of my research lies in elucidating learning trajectories and adaptation strategies in eleven Living Labs, and in combining longitudinal qualitative and quantitative data with in-depth case study data. Based on this I will be able to contribute to the debates on the role of science in social-ecological transformations, and the design and management of TD research.
During my stay with the KLI, I am planning to finalise my 4th PhD article and compile the PhD framework document. More specifically, I want to enhance the theoretical grounding of the empirical evidence that I gathered in eleven Living Labs and feed my findings back into TD theory building (epistemics and methodology) in sustainability science.
In further analysis of my empirical dataset at the KLI, I plan to still experiment with different entry points, such as sustainability science, science and technology studies, cognitive science, behavioural sciences, cultural studies and philosophy.
The theoretical contribution my KLI project will make is related to learning and its connection with reflexivity. My aim is to capture change, co-learning and adaptation over time, and arrive at a more differentiated picture of the factors affecting TD collaboration.