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32 years ago.
Remembering Werner Callebaut through his books

Werner Callebaut was a Renaissance Man with wide interests, reading and contemplating in multiple languages. He passed away six years ago but his lasting legacy is still around us at the institute.

In February, we laid out his vast non-academic library as an exhibition and a moment of remembrance. The photos have been posted on Twitter.

Remembering Werner Callebaut. 6 years and 2 days ago, we lost Werner, philosopher of the life sciences and long-serving scientific director of the KLI.

In his memory, this Feb we set out an exhibition of his vast literary collection. A thread.

— KLI: A Home to Theory that Matters (@KLIAustria) November 8, 2020

Friends of Werner can probably recognize bits of his thoughts and mannerisms in these titles. When Werner unexpectedly passed away right before the Chicago PSA conference in 2014, we found a culture program of musical events he intended to enjoy. Some of these books reflect his deep love for music, especially jazz.

When you have the opportunity to travel again, please visit us at the KLI. You will find Werner's academic collection displayed in a dedicated library. As for his non-academic books, we invited our fellows to take a bit of his love, life, and inspirations home.

Visit his page for a short bio and obituaries.

Written by KLI Communications Officer Lynn Chiu. Photo credits go to Lynn Chiu.