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Welcoming Kevin Lala to the KLI

We are excited to welcome Kevin Lala to the KLI!


Lala's stay at the KLI is a joint visiting fellowship with Gillian Brown to work on their project Promoting a Progressive Vision of Evolutionary Science.

Kevin Lala will be developing promotional materials for his forthcoming book Evolution Evolving: The Developmental Origins of Adaptive Diversity, which makes the scientific case for an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis. While the book is aimed at a specialist audience, it is written in a way that makes it accessible to general readers.

To help the book achieve its impact- and to further the important task of bringing non-reductive evolutionary perspectives to a wider audience- Lala will develop engaging promotional activities in a variety of formats, including animations, podcasts, and a book launch with author talks and public lectures.

In addition, he will support Gillian Brown in completing the third edition of their book Sense and Nonsense: Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Behaviour.


Kevin Lala will be a visiting fellow at the KLI until July 21th, 2023. He is also an external faculty of the KLI.