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Welcoming Andrea Gambarotto to the KLI

Andrea is trained in classical German philosophy and is inspired by Kant and Hegel. His research interest lies in complex systems theory, with a particular focus on the relation between teleology, agency and cognition in biological systems, and is influenced by the framework of biological autonomy.  Andrea believes that bridging the classical philosophies of nature and current approaches in biological theory will help in advancing knowledge in both sides.

He was Maria Zambrano fellow at IAS Research Centre for Life, Mind and Society, University of the Basque Country. Before that he was an FNRS post-doctoral fellow and Marie Curie Individual Fellow at UC Louvain. Andrea is on the editorial board of Dialectical Systems, a forum in biology, ecology and cognitive science (, that aims to facilitate interdisciplinary dialogue among scientists, scholars and theorists who share a non-reductionist approach to living

At the KLI, Andrea’s project - Hegel’s Philosophy of Biology – is to re-read Hegel in the framework of biological autonomy, and to consolidate various published literature into a cohesive narrative, or research monograph, that would take the form of a book. This book would address Hegel’s philosophical stance on organismal life, which in contemporary terms might be defined as his ‘philosophy of biology’.

Andrea will be a Postdoctoral Fellow at the KLI starting on 15th Feb 2024.

Here’s wishing Andrea a hearty welcome and a fruitful time at the KLI.