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KLI in the world this summer

Summer heralds conferences and workshops, and our KLI Fellows will be participating in many of them around the world. Let’s take a look at who’s is presenting what and where this summer! (watch this space for more as the list progresses…)


Olesya Bondarenko

Conference: European Network for Philosophy of the Social Sciences, University of Bergen

Talk title: Credibility and trustworthiness: the twin promises of sociogenomic integration

When: 28-30 August

Where: Bergen, Norway.


Corey Bunce

1. Conference: 4th World Congress of Environmental History

Talk title: 'Environment' as 'setting' in eco-devo narrative

When: 19-23 August

Where: Oulu, Finland.


2. Conference: Philosophy and Biology Shop Talks (PaBST)

Talk Title:  Environment' versus 'Setting': The narrative concerns of Eco-Devo

When: 9-14 June

Where: North Carolina, USA.


Andrea Gamborotto

1. Book symposium (organizer and chair): 5th Hegel in Pespective conference

When: 4-7 June

Where: University of Valencia, Spain


2. Conference: Marxism and the Pittsburgh School

Talk title: Labor theory of culture, dialectics and the Pittsburgh school.

When: 10-12 June

Where: Institute of Education, University College London, UK.


Elis Jones

1. Seminar Series: Centre for the Social Studies of Microbes

Talk title: ‘Reframing the concept of metabolism: insights from ocean biogeochemistry’

When: 3 June

Where: Helsinki, Finland.


2. Science Studies Symposium: Finnish Society For Science and Technology Studies

Talk title: ‘Conceptualising the epistemic value of ecosystems: the case of coral reefs’

When: 6-7 June

Where: Helsinki, Finland.


3. Conference: International Association for Society and Natural Resources

Talk title: Between the intrinsic and the instrumental: value relations between corals, reefs, and scientists (part of the conference session ‘Villains, victims and superstars: Re-configuring human-wildlife relationships in changing seas)

When: 23-27 June

Where: Cairns, Australia (online).


4. Symposium: European Coral Reef Symposium

Poster: How can we conceptualise the scientific value of coral reef systems?

When: 2-5 July

Where: Naples, Italy.


Marina Knickel

Conference: International Conference Knowledge Transfer in and through Living Labs

Talk Title: A justice lens to attend to the ‘ethical-political’ dimension of knowledge co-production

When: 24-26 June 

Where: Aachen, Germany.


Anne Le Maître

1. Workshop (participation): Phenomics for evolutionary biology

When: 21-24 May

Where: Aussois, France.


2. Conference: Symposium of Morphometrics and Evolution of Forms (SMEF)
Talk title: Convergent evolution in the bony labyrinth of Afrotheria and non-afrotherian mammals: A 3D geometric morphometric study.

When: 5-7 June

Where: Dijon, France.


Somya Mani

Conference: Physics of Cell Fate Decisions  (PCFD)

Talk title: A simple mathematical model to tease out links between tissue morphology and healing

When: 13-16 May

Where: Institute of Science and Technology (ISTA), Klosterneuburg, Austria.


Laura Menatti

1. Conference: Philosophy and Biology Shop Talks (PaBST)

Talk title: Reframing climate change adaptation by bridging Philosophy, Social Sciences and Biology 

When: 9-14 June

Where: North Carolina, USA.


2. Conference: 4th World Congress of Environmental History

Co-Chair and Co-convener of panel: The environment around us: relational approaches as common ground

Talk title: The concepts of health and environment – a history of constant rapprochements and separations

When: 19-23 August

Where: Oulu, Finland.


3. Conference: Ninth Quadrennial Fellows Conference

Talk title: Environment and Health. Integrating Explanations from Philosophy and Psychology

When: 2-4 June

Where: University of Miami, USA.


Enrico Petracca

Event (by invitation): 2024 Adaptive Behavior and Cognition Retreat - Education towards Rationality, hosted by Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA), University of Barcelona

Talk title: Normative alternatives to adaptationism for embodied rationality

When: 5 - 7 June

Where: Barcelona, Spain.


Ludo Schoenmakers

1. Conference: Darwin and Darwinisms

Talk title: How Darwinian is a minimal evolutionary theory?

When: 3-5 June

Where: Belgrade, Serbia.


2. Conference (participation): History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS)

When: 9-12 July

Where: Vienna, Austria.


Hari Sridhar

Conference: 4th World Congress of Environmental History

Talk title: The environment in Conservation Biology: learnings from an oral history of Indian conservation biologists

When: 19-23 August

Where: Oulu, Finland.


Hari Sridhar and Joyshree Chanam

Invited talk at Jour fixe, Zukunftskolleg, University of Konstanz

Talk title: Presentation of the Reflections on Papers Past website and project

When: 2 July

Where: Konstanz, Germany