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Interdisciplinary Symposium on Neuroscience and Philosophy on 24 June 2024: Too complex to understand? Bridging neuroscience and philosophy to build new tools to study the brain

This is a Satellite Symposium that takes place ahead of the FENS Forum 2024 and ventures into the intersection between neuroscience and philosophy. The aim of this integrative endeavor is to foster interdisciplinary exchange between neuroscientists and philosophers to discuss conceptual approaches, methods and their assumptions, and the interpretive horizon of domains of neuroscience specifically addressing the complexity of the brain. This shall broaden the knowledge of neuroscientists and raise awareness for characteristic problems when dealing with this complexity.

This interdisciplinary event is co-organized by Isabella Sarto-Jackson. The sessions are chaired by: Igor Branchi, Isabella Sarto-Jackson, Markus Kunze, Thomas Bugnyar, Jan-Pieter Konsman, Fátima Sofia Ávila-Cascajares.

With talks by renowned neuroscientists as well as philosophers, this will be an exciting symposium for scientists and philosophers alike, who are interested in interdisciplinary research.

Due to space limitation, please register for this event!

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15:00-15.50 – Session 1

Chairs: Igor Branchi, Isabella Sarto-Jackson, Markus Kunze, Thomas Bugnyar

 Philosophy & Neuroscience

 Markus Kunze
(Medical University of

 Plenary Talk:
 Whole Brain Dynamics, Modelling,
 and the Thermodynamics of the
 Gustavo Deco
(Pompeu Fabra Univerisity,

 Q & A


15:50-17.10 – Session 2

Chairs: Isabella Sarto-Jackson, Thomas Bugnyar

 Introductory Remarks                 Isabella Sarto-Jackson (Konrad Lorenz
 Institute for Evolution and Cognition
 Research, Klosterneuburg)
 Neuroscience Talk 1:
 The Role of Context in Uncovering
 the Determinants of Brain
 Functioning, Behavior and
 their Interplay
Igor Branchi (Center for Behavioral
 Sciences and Mental Health, Istituto  
 Superiore di Sanità
, Rome)
 Philosophy Talk 1:
 Conceptualizing Environments in
 the Study of Cognition
 Alejandro Fabregas-Tejeda
 Universiteit Leuven)

 General Discussion


17:10-17.30 – Coffee Break

17:30-18.50 – Session 3

Chairs: Jan-Pieter Konsman, Fátima Sofia Ávila-Cascajares

 Introductory Remarks  


 Jan-Pieter Konsman (University of

 Neuroscience Talk 2:
 The Dynamcs of Brain Circuits
 as an Emergent Dynamics of
 Demian Battaglia
 Philosophy Talk 2:
 The Tricky Question of
 Mazviita Chirimuuta
(University of


 General Discussion

18:50-19.00 – Wrap Up

 Concluding Remarks                            
 Markus Kunze
(Medical University of