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Welcoming Ievgeniia Ivanova to the KLI

We heartily welcome our new Visiting Fellow Ievgeniia Ivanova who will be with us till 28th June. Ievgeniia is a Visiting fellow at the University of Stirling (UK), 2023-2024. She was an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Aberdeen (2022-2023), UK. From 2012 to 2022 she held positions of senior lecturer and associate professor at the Odesa National Polytechnic University (Ukraine), National Medical University (Ukraine), and National University "Odesa Maritime Academy" (Ukraine). Ievgeniia’s research interests cover interdisciplinary areas such as philosophy and methodology of knowledge, epistemology, and philosophy of science using a systems approach to research complex intellectual, value, and social objects.

Ievgeniia popularises science and has many popular science publications in different media, and she is a member of the international movement of young scientists and science fans Share Your Knowledge 15x4. She is also an author at The Conversation (UK) and Editor-in-chief of an online magazine about culture, urban study, and contemporary art Prostranstvo (Ukraine). Her recent publications include research on Museums as Complex Systems in the Face of the War, Museum and Society, Vol 21, No 2 (2023) and System-descriptive analysis of GPT chat imitation strategies, XI Uyomov readings, Odesa (2023).

During her stay here at the KLI, Ievgeniia will also give a colloquium talk titled, "Parametric General Systems Theory and How to Apply It".