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Welcoming Nora Hein to the KLI

We are very happy to welcome Nora Hein to the KLI!

Nora is a student in the master's program Organic Agricultural Systems and Agroecology at BOKU University in Vienna, where she had previously obtained a master's degree in Environment and Bio-Resources Management.

Throughout their training, they have come to appreciate the vital contributions that inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives offer in better understanding and shaping the role of food and farming systems in sustainability transitions.

For her master's thesis research, Nora studied elements of Positive Peace in recurring resource conflicts between agricultural communities in rural Kenya. Currently, her research collaboration focuses on the justifications for vegan food choices and the structures that support or impede the transition to veganism in the DACH region. Empirical data from this research suggests a substantial demand for recognizing more-than-human perspectives in analyzing non-animal-based food systems.

At KLI, Nora is working as a research assistant in the EU project PLUS Change, which uses a transdisciplinary perspective to investigate land use strategies and decision-making processes to address social, climate, and biodiversity objectives.

We wish Nora all the best with her work at the KLI!