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Laura Menatti is invited to give a talk at the Institute for Practical Ethics, University of California San Diego

Laura Menatti is invited to give a talk at the Institute for Practical Ethics, University of California San Diego, on the 14th of March. The talk is titled "Understanding the Current Health and Climate Crisis through the Concept of Salutogenesis" . For abstract and details, please read on.


Launch of the new Homepage

The new KLI Homepage will be launched on October 6th, 2017.


Launch of Hari Sridhar´s new website Reflections on Papers Past, an oral history project on famous papers in Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour and Conservation

What do authors of 'citation classics' feel about their papers? How did they come to write those famous papers and how did those papers affect their lives and careers? Are those findings still valid decades after their publication? Hari Sridhar's new website features his interviews with authors of famous papers in Ecology, Evolution, Behaviour and Conservation, (154 interviews so far!) about back-stories of those papers and the authors' reflections on their impact, validity and relevance today, decades after their publication. (Click on title to read on!)


Landscapes of Collectivity in the Life Sciences

New book of The Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology by Snait Gissis, Ehud Lamm, and Ayelet Shavit. Broad perspective on collectivity in the life sciences, from microorganisms to human consensus, and the theoretical and empirical opportunities and challenges.


Lab Excursion: Cognitive science students visit the KLI

Students of the Middle European interdisciplinary master’s programme in Cognitive Science (MEi:CogSci) at the University of Vienna visited the KLI.


Kulturwandel in Krisenzeiten: praktische Weisheit für die Wissenschaft

Wie antike Philosophie mit nachhaltigen Lösungen zusammenhängt


Knowledge Systems for Sustainability

KLI Colloquium: Ioan FAZEY (Centre for Ecology Research, Tihany), 18 February 2020, 5.00 pm.


Knowledge Production in Times of Crises: Transdisciplinary Research in Austria

Marianne PENKER (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences), 2024-01-11 15:00 (CET). To join our colloquium please register with Zoom


KLI Symposium on Gregor J. Mendel

On the occasion of Gregor Johann Mendel's 200th anniversary, a public symposium (Oct 13-14) will be hosted at the KLI to reflect on his work and legacy.


KLI Senior Fellow Wim HORDIK´s article on the history of origin of life research has been published in ORBITER magazine

What is life? Where did it come from? Is it all part of a divine master plan, or was it a spectacular chemical “accident”?


KLI Postdoctoral Fellow Barbara FISCHER

We welcome KLI postdoctoral fellow Barbara FISCHER back! Barbara returned from maternity leave and will continue to work on her project "Evolvability and Integration of the Human Pelvis."


KLI interdisciplinary team contributes to climate adaptation policies for the European Union

In the spring of 2023, six KLI fellows (in alphabetical order) Anna-Katharina Brenner, Corey Bunce, Joyshree Chanam, Marina Knickel, Laura Menatti, and Hari Sridhar pooled their strengths in Philosophy of Science, Biology, Sustainability Science, and Social Ecology to work on an interdisciplinary project for climate change adaptation. Laura Menatti and Corey Bunce led the project, while Guido Caniglia, Scientific Director of the KLI, facilitated the smooth and successful execution of this interdisciplinary effort. The team was rewarded a grant from the SSH Centre (Social Science & Humanities for Climate, Energy and Transport Research Excellence) last summer to contribute a book chapter on adaptation to climate change to the SSH Centre’s multi-volume project on policy recommendations for the European Union. This January, they submitted their forthcoming chapter titled, “Adapting to Heatwaves: Reframing, understanding, and translating Strategies from India to the European Union”. Watch this space for more developments in the near future! (Click on the title to read more about this project.)


KLI in the world: KLI Fellows Corey Bunce and Ludo Schoenmakers will be presenting at the Egenis Conference in Exeter, UK, 17-19 April, 2024

The conference is titled: Understanding Life in a Changing Planet: 20+2 Years of Egenis, the Centre for the Study of the Life Sciences, and to be held at the Egenis Centre, University of Exeter from 17-19 April, 2024. Corey Bunce’s presentation (poster) is titled: Rethinking climate change adaptation by bringing Philosophy into dialogue with Social Sciences and Biology; Ludo Schoenmakers’ presentation (poster) is titled: Evolution at the Origins of Life


KLI in the world: KLI Fellow Somya Mani will give a talk at the conferece Physics of Cell Fate Decisions, 13-16 May, to be held at ISTA Klosterneuburg

The conference is organized by ISTA, and aims to bring together various disciplines – including physics, information theory, applied mathematics, and data science – to explore a central problem of developmental biology: how cells integrate external signals and make fate decisions. The focus of the conference is on bridging the gap between the biological phenomena of interest and their theoretical, modeling, and rigorous data analysis treatments. Somya’s talk is titled, "A simple mathematical model to tease out links between tissue morphology and healing".


KLI in the world: KLI Fellow Ludo Schoenmakers will give a talk at the conference Evolution at the Edges of Life: Origins, Artificial Systems, and the Conceptual Limits of Evolutionary Theory

KLI Fellow Ludo Schoenmakers will give a talk at the conference Evolution at the Edges of Life: Origins, Artificial Systems, and the Conceptual Limits of Evolutionary Theory. This conference will be held at the Paris Institute for Advanced Study (IEA de Paris), from 22-23 April, 2024. Ludo’s talk is titled: Minimal Evolutionary Theory at the Origins of Life.


KLI in the world: KLI Fellow Laura Menatti is presenting a talk at the 11th International Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable 9-10 May 2024

Laura Menatti is presenting a talk at the 11th International Philosophy of Medicine Roundtable 2024 - Bringing together philosophical work on medicine and health across disciplines and cultures from six continents. Laura's talk is titled: Rethinking Health through a Salutogenic Perspective: Challenges to Face the Current Health and Climate Crises. The conference is online and registration is free. (For talk abstract and details on conference, please click on title)


KLI in the World: a digest of conference travels last fall and winter

Members of the KLI family have been connecting with academics around the world though conferences and workshops. Here is a glimpse. (Click in title to read more)


KLI in the world this summer

Summer heralds conferences and workshops, and our KLI Fellows will be participating in many of them around the world. Let’s take a look at who’s is presenting what and where this summer! (watch this space for more as the list progresses…)


KLI fellows at the 6th EASPLS

KLI fellows Luana Poliseli, Marco Treven, Elis Jones, Cristina Villegas, Alejandro Villanueva and incoming fellow Alejandro Fabregas-Tejeda attended the 6th EASPLS at University of Bordeaux. Isabella Sarto-Jackson gave an input talk on Complexity and the Tyranny of Scales.


KLI fellow Nicole Grunstra to start new postdoc at University of Vienna

She will start a FWF-funded project “Evolvability of inner and middle ears in birds and mammals."