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Cazzolla Gatti Roberto

The Emergence and Evolution of Life

2019-09-02 - 2019-09-07

Philosophy of Biology
Atanasova Nina

Animal Models of Pain and the Puzzle of Similarity

2019-05-06 - 2019-08-05

Hordijk Wim

Autocatalytic Sets – The Origin and Organization of Life

2019-05-01 - 2019-09-06

Sustainability Research
Schrickel Isabell

IIASA and the Making of Sustainability Science

2019-04-23 - 2019-05-10

EvoDevo Philosophy of Biology History of Biology
Vergara-Silva Francisco

Archaeology and Niche Construction Theory: Epistemology and Historiography of Anthropology and Biology beyond the Nature/Culture Divide

2019-04-07 - 2019-04-12

Sustainability Research
Dorninger Christian

Biophysical Human-Nature Disconnections as a Form of Sociocultural Niche Construction

2019-04-01 - 2019-09-30

Sustainability Research
Waring Timothy

Expanding Evolutionary Approaches to Sustainability

2019-04-01 - 2019-04-07

Philosophy of Biology
Del Savio Lorenzo

Are Humans Self-domesticated Animals?

2019-03-07 - 2019-04-06

Philosophy of Biology
Suarez Javier

Stability of Traits as the Kind of Stability that Matters: Holobionts as Units of Selection

2019-03-05 - 2019-06-02

Cognition and Sociality
Gonzalez Cabrera Ivan

Sharing our Normative Worlds: An Evolutionary Theory of Human Norm-psychology

2019-03-01 - 2020-02-29

Laciny Alice

Eco-Evo-Devo in Action: Parasite-Induced Morphologies in Ants

2019-02-15 - 2020-06-30

Philosophy of Biology
Rupik Gregory

Organismal Agency in Romantic Biology and Today

2019-02-01 - 2019-07-31

Philosophy of Biology
Fabris Flavia

Rethinking Cybernetics in Contemporary Theoretical Biology

2019-01-15 - 2021-01-14

Cognition and Sociality
Villanueva Hernández Luis Alejandro

The Origins of Musical Behavior as Co-evolution of Cognitive Capacities of Social Interaction

2019-01-15 - 2019-01-14