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Linear mitochondrial genomes: 30 years down the line
Author: Nosek, Jozef and Tomáška, L'Ubomír and Fukuhara, Hiroshi and Suyama, Yoshitaka and Kováč, Ladislav
Journal: Trends in Genetics
Volume: 14
Year: 1998
Pages: 184—188

At variance with the earlier belief that mitochondrial genomes are represented by circular DNA molecules, a large number of organisms have been found to carry linear mitochondrial DNA. Studies of linear mitochondrial genomes might provide a novel view on the evolutionary history of organelle genomes and contribute to delineating mechanisms of maintenance and functioning of telomeres. Because linear mitochondrial DNA is present in a number of human pathogens, its replication mechanisms might become a target for drugs that would not interfere with replication of human circular mitochondrial DNA.