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Altenberg, Lee

Evolutionary computation


Altenberg, Lee

Mathematic awaits


Altenberg, Lee and Liberman, Uri and Feldman, Marcus W.

Unified reduction principle for the evolution of mutation, migration, and recombination


Anfora, Gianfranco and Rigosi, Elisa and Frasnelli, Elisa and Ruga, Vincenza and Trona, Federica and Vallortigara, Giorgio

Lateralization in the invertebrate brain: left-right asymmetry of olfaction in bumble bee, Bombus terrestris


Archetti, Marco and Scheuring, István

Coexistence of cooperation and defection in public goods games


Vienna Series
Arnellos, Argyris and Moreno, Alvaro

Integrating constitution and interaction in the transition from unicellular to multicellular organisms

MIT Press, 2016

Arnellos, Argyris and Moreno, Alvaro

Multicellular agency: an organizational view


Ayeni, Funmilola A. and Biagi, Elena and Rampelli, Simone and Fiori, Jessica and Soverini, Matteo and Audu, Haruna J. and Cristino, Sandra and Caporali, Leonardo and Schnorr, Stephanie L. and Carelli, Valerio and Brigidi, Patrizia and Candela, Marco and Turroni, Silvia

Infant and adult gut microbiome and metabolome in rural bassa and urban settlers from Nigeria


Baetu, Tudor and Barwich, Anne-Sophie and Brooks, Daniel S. and Dutreuil, Sebastien and Germain, Pierre-Luc

Model thinking in the life sciences: complexity in the making


Barberena, Ramiro; Menéndez, Lumila Paula; Le Roux, Petrus J.; Marsh, Erik J.; Tessone, Augusto; Novellino, Paula; Lucero, Gustavo; Luyt, Julie; Sealy, Judith; Cardillo, Marcelo; Gasco, Alejandra; Llano, Carina; Frigolé, Cecilia; Guevara, Daniela; Da Peña, Gabriela; Winocur, Diego; Benítez, Anahí; Cornejo, Luis; Falabella, Fernanda; Méndez, César; Nuevo Delaunay, Amalia; Sanhueza, Lorena; Santana Sagredo, Francisca; Troncoso, Andrés; Zárate, Sol; Durán, Víctor; Cortegoso, Valeria

Multi-isotopic and morphometric evidence for the migration of farmers leading up to the Inka conquest of the southern Andes


Barwich, Ann-Sophie and Chang, Hasok

Sensory measurements: coordination and standardization


Bauer, Julia Anne-Sophie and Handschuh, Stephan and Metscher, Brian D. and Krenn, Harald W.

Functional morphology of the feeding apparatus and evolution of proboscis length in metalmark butterflies (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae)


Bechtel, William and Callebaut, Werner and Griesemer, James R. and Schank, Jeffrey C.

Bill Wimsatt on multiple ways of getting at the complexity of nature [Interview]


Berducci, Domenic

This is Learning


Bermúdez De Castro, José María and Martinón-Torres, María and Gómez-Robles, Aida and Prado-Simón, Leyre and Martín-Francés, Laura and Lapresa, María and Olejniczak, Anthony J. and Carbonell, Eudald

Early Pleistocene human mandible from Sima del Elefante (TE) cave site in Sierra de Atapuerca (Spain): A comparative morphological study.


Beurton, Peter and Falk, Raphael and Rheinberger, Hans-Jörg

The Concept of the Gene in Development and Evolution: Historical and Epistemological Perspectives

Cambridge University Press, 2000

Boniolo, Giovanni

In memoriam Werner Callebaut


Bons, Paul D. and Bauer, Catherine C. and Bocherens, Hervé and de Riese, Tamara and Drucker, Dorothée G. and Francken, Michael and Menéndez, Lumila P. and Uhl, Alexandra and van Milligen, Boudewijn P. and Wissing, Christoph

Out of Africa by spontaneous migration waves


Boogerd, Fred C. and Bruggeman, Frank J. and Hofmeyr, Jan-Hendrik S. and Westerhoff, Hans V.

Systems Biology: Philosophical Foundations

Elsevier, 2007

Bookstein, Fred L. and Bravo Morante, Guillermo

The fallacy of forensic age estimation from morphometric quantifications of the pubic symphysis

Elsevier Academic Press, 2021

Boudry, Maarten

Loki's wager and Laudan's error. On genuine and territorial demarcation

Chicago University Press, 2013

Boudry, Maarten and Vlerick, Michael

Evolution does care about truth


Boudry, Maarten and Vlerick, Michael and McKay, Ryan T.

Can evolution get us off the hook? Evaluating the ecological defence of human rationality


Brauckmann, Sabine

Networks of Tissue Knowledge, 1910-1960


Algorismus. Studien zur Geschichte der Mathematik und der Naturwissenschaften
Brauckmann, Sabine

The enigma of the transfer factor, or a controversy on humans and guinea pigs

Dr. Erwin Rauner, 2006

Brauckmann, Sabine

National and international networks


Brauckmann, Sabine

Paul A. Weiss, 1898-1989: The cell engineer

Rockefeller University Press, 2004

Brauckmann, Sabine

The horizontal architecture, or how we locate ourselves inside nature

Aarhus University Press, 2003

Brauckmann, Sabine and Gilbert, S. F.

Sucking in the gut: A brief history of early studies on gastrulation

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories Press, 2004

Brauckmann, Sabine and Thieffry, Denis

Graphing genes, cells and embryos


Brauckmann, Sabine and Thieffry, Denis

Introduction: Picturing eggs, embryos, and cells


Bravo Morante, Guillermo; Bookstein, Fred L.; Fischer, Barbara; Schaefer, Katrin; Alemán Aguilera, Inmaculada and Botella López, Miguel

Correlation of the human pubic symphysis surface with age-at-death: A novel quantitative method based on a bandpass filter


Bryson, Joanna J.

Crude, cheesy, second-rate consciousness

The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour, 2009

Bryson, Joanna J.

The impact of durative state on action selection

AAAI Press, 2008

Bryson, Joanna J.

Embodiment versus memetics


Bugnyar, Thomas and Kotrschal, Kurt

Scrounging tactics in free-ranging ravens, Corvus corax


Wiley Series in Mathematical and Computational Biology
Bürger, Reinhard

The Mathematical Theory of Selection, Recombination, and Mutation

Wiley, 2000

Burrows, Lauren and Jarmulowicz, Linda and Oller, D. Kimbrough

Allophony in English language learners: The case of tap in English and Spanish


Byrne, R. A. and Griebel, Ulrike and Wood, J. B. and A., Mather J.

Squid say it with skin: a graphic model for skin displays in Caribbean Reef Squid (Sepioteuthis sepioidea)

Weinert, 2003

Byrne, Ruth A. and Kuba, Michael and Griebel, Ulrike

Lateral asymmetry of eye use in Octopus vulgaris


Calcott, Brett and Sterelny, Kim

The Major Transitions in Evolution Revisited

MIT Press, 2011

Callebaut, Werner

Beyond a "levels view" of science


Callebaut, Werner

The evolution of Chicago [Editorial]