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Computer-based three-dimensional visualization of developmental gene expression
Author: Streicher, Johannes and Donat, Markus A. and Strauss, Bernhard and Sporle, Ralf and Schughart, Klaus and Müller, Gerd B.
Journal: Nature Genetics
Volume: 25
Year: 2000
Pages: 147—152

A broad understanding of the relationship between gene activation, pattern formation and morphogenesis will require adequate tools for three-dimensional and, perhaps four-dimensional, representation and analysis of molecular developmental processes. We present a novel, computer-based method for the 3D visualization of embryonic gene expression and morphological structures from serial sections. The information from these automatically aligned 3D reconstructions exceeds that from single-section and whole-mount visualizations of in situ hybridizations. In addition, these 3D models of gene-expression patterns can become a central component of a future developmental database designed for the collection and presentation of digitized, morphological and gene-expression data. This work is accompanied by a web site (