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Yoo, Hyunjoo and Buder, Eugene H. and Bowman, Dale D. and Bidelman, Gavin M. and Oller, D. Kimbrough

Acoustic correlates and adult perceptions of distress in infant speech-like vocalizations and cries


Xenakis, Ioannis and Arnellos, Argyris

Aesthetic perception and its minimal content: a naturalistic approach


Xavier, Joana C.; Hordijk, Wim; Kauffman, Stuart; Steel, Mike and Martin, William F.

Autocatalytic chemical networks at the origin of metabolism


Wuketits, Franz M. and Ayala, Francisco J.

Handbook of Evolution. Volume 2: The Evolution of Living Systems (Including Hominids)

Wiley-VCH Verlag, 2005

Handbook of Evolution
Wuketits, Franz M. and Antweiler, Christoph

Handbook of Evolution: The Evolution of Human Societies and Cultures

Wiley, 2004

Wuketits, Franz M.

Lob der Feigheit

Hirzel, 2008

Wuketits, Franz M.

Der freie Wille. Die Evolution einer Illusion

Hirzel, 2007

Wuketits, Franz M.

Bioethik. Eine kritische Einführung

C.H. Beck, 2007

Wuketits, Franz M.

Darwin und der Darwinismus

C.H. Beck, 2005

Wuketits, Franz M.

Evolution. Die Entwicklung des Lebens

C. H. Beck, 2005

Wuketits, Franz M.

Was ist Soziobiologie?

C. H. Beck, 2002

Wuketits, Franz M.

Naturkatastrophe Mensch. Evolution ohne Fortschritt

Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 2001

Wuketits, Franz M.

Warum uns das Böse fasziniert

Hirzel, 1999

Wuketits, Franz M.

Verdammt zur Unmoral

Piper, 1993

Wuketits, Franz M.

Evolutionary Epistemology and Its Implications for Humankind

State University of New York Press, 1990

Wotton, Karl R. and Alcaine-Colet, Anna and Jaeger, Johannes and Jimenez-Guri, Eva

Non-canonical dorsoventral patterning in the moth midge Clogmia albipunctata


Witteveen, Joeri

Een revolutie in de evolutietheorie?


Windhager, Sonja and Schaschl, Helmut and Schaefer, Katrin and Mitteroecker, Philipp and Huber, Susanne and Wallner, Bernhard and Fieder, Martin

Variation at genes influencing facial morphology are not associated with developmental imprecisions in human faces


Windhager, Sonja and Patocka, Karin and Schaefer, Katrin

Body fat in facial shape: evidence from female adolescents


Windhager, Sonja and Mitteroecker, Philipp and Schaefer, Katrin

It's in their face: quantifying ontogenetic and static allometry in human male faces


Theory and Decision Library. Series A: Philosphy and Methodology of the Social Sciences
Wimmer, Manfred

Emotion-cognition interaction and language

Springer, 2004

Willadsen, Elisabeth and Persson, Christina and Patrick, Kathryn and Lohmander, Anette and Oller, D. Kimbrough

Assessment of prelinguistic vocalizations in real time: a comparison with phonetic transcription and assessment of inter-coder-reliability


Weninger, Wolfgang J. and Geyer, Stefan H. and Mohun, Timothy J. and Rasskin-Gutman, Diego and Matsui, Takaaki and Ribeiro, Ines and Costa, Luciano da F. and Izpisúa-Belmonte, Juan Carlos and Müller, Gerd B.

High-resolution episcopic microscopy: A rapid technique for high detailed 3D analysis of gene activity in the context of tissue architecture and morphology


Weitzer, Jakob; Laubichler, Manfred D.; Birmann, Brenda M.; Bertau, Martin; Zenk, Lukas; Caniglia, Guido; Jäger, Carlo C.; Steiner, Gerald and Schernhammer, Eva

Comment on Alley, S.J., et al. As the pandemic progresses, how does willingness to vaccinate against COVID-19 evolve? Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2021, 18, 797


Watson, Richard A. and Wagner, Günter P. and Pavlicev, Mihaela and Weinreich, Daniel M. and Mills, Rob

The evolution of phenotypic correlations and developmental memory


Walsh, Denis

Organisms, Agency, and Evolution

Cambridge University Press, 2015

Wagner, Günter P. and Booth, Ginger and Bagheri-Chaichian, Homayoun

A population genetic theory of canalization


Wagner, Günter P.

The Character Concept in Evolutionary Biology

Academic Press, 2001

Wagner, Günter P.

The Character Concept in Evolutionary Biology

Academic Press, 2001

Novartis Foundation Symposia
Wagner, Günter P.

A research programme for testing the Biological Homology Concept

Wiley, 1999

Wagner, Günter and Laubichler, Manfred and Bagheri-Chaichian, Homayoun

Genetic measurement theory of epistatic effects


von Helversen, Bettina and Wilke, Andreas and Johnson, Tim and Schmid, Gabriele and Klapp, Burghard

Performance benefits of depression: Sequential decision making in a healthy sample and a clinically depressed sample


Völkl, Bernhard

Social learning in Marmosets


Voelkl, Bernhard and Kasper, Claudia and Schwab, Christine

Network measures for dyadic interactions: Stability and reliability


Virányi, Zsófia and Range, Friederike and Huber, Ludwig

Attentiveness toward others and social learning in domestic dogs

Psychology Press, 2008

Villanueva Hernandez, Luis Alejandro

The evolutionary roots of music: music as an assemblage of cognitive capacities for social interaction

National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM, 2020

Vianna Franco, Marco P.; Ribeiro, Leonardo C. and da Motta e Albuquerque, Eduardo

Beyond random causes: harmonic analysis of business cycles at the Moscow Conjuncture Institute


Verpooten, Jan

Evolutie van fictie: culturele exaptatie van sociale cognitie

Stichting Lezen Nederland, 2011

Verpooten, Ian and Nelissen, Mark

Sensory exploitation: underestimated in the evolution of art as once sexual selection?

Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science 282, 2012

Verd, Berta

EvoDevo in phase space: the dynamics of gap gene expression

Doctoral Theis, Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona, 2016

Veigl, Sophie

Testing Scientific Pluralism

University of Vienna, 2020

Vecchi, Davide

Are Lamarckian explanations fully reducible to Darwinian ones? The case of adaptive mutagenesis

Österreichische Ludwig Wittgenstein Gesellschaft, 2008

van Sold, Benjamin J. and Metscher, Brian D. and Poelmann, Robert E. and Verist, Bart and Vonk, Freek J. and Müller, Gerd B. and Richardson, Michael K.

Heterochrony and early left-right asymmetry in the development of the cardiorespiratory system of snakes


Tommasi, Luca and Thinus-Blanc, Catherine

Generalization in place learning and geometry knowledge in rats


Vienna Series in Theoretical Biology
Tommasi, Luca and Peterson, Mary A. and Nadel, Lynn

Cognitive Biology. Evolutionary and Developmental Perspectives on Mind, Brain, and Behavior

MIT Press, 2009

Tomasello, Michael and Gonzalez-Cabrera, Ivan

The role of ontogeny in the evolution of human cooperation


Tomasello, Michael and Gonzalez-Cabrera, Ivan

The role of ontogeny in the evolution of human cooperation


Teschler-Nicola, Maria and Mitteroecker, Philipp

Von künstlicher Kopfformung

Theiss, 2007

Taylor, Peter J.

Unruly Complexity: Ecology, Interpretation, Engagement

University of Chicago Press, 2005

Tammiksaar, Erki and Brauckmann, Sabine

Karl Ernst von Baer’s ”Entwickelungsgeschichte der Thiere II.”


Talmont-Kaminski, Konrad

Review of D. Linden: The Accidental Mind


Talmont-Kaminski, Konrad

Review of P. Thagard: Hot Thought