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Boudry, Maarten and Vlerick, Michael and McKay, Ryan T.

Can evolution get us off the hook? Evaluating the ecological defence of human rationality


Callebaut, Werner

Beyond a "levels view" of science


Capek, Daniel and Metscher, Brian D. and Müller, Gerd B.

Thumbs down: a molecular-morphogenetic approach to avian digit homology


Charbonneau, Mathieu

Population without reproduction


El Mouden, Claire and André, J-B and Morin, Olivier and Nettle, Daniel

Cultural transmission and the evolution of human behaviour: a general approach based on the Price equation


Laland, Kevin N. and Uller, Tobias and Feldman, Marc and Sterelny, Kim and Müller, Gerd B. and Moczek, Amin and Jablonka, Eva and Odling-Smee, John and Wray, Gregory A. and Hoekstra, Hopi E. and Futuyma, Douglas J. and Lenski, Richard E. and Mackay, Trudy F. C. and Schluter, Dolph and Strassmann, Joan E.

Does evolutionary theory need a rethink?


Matuszewski, Sebastian

The Genetics of Adaptation in Changing Environments

PhD Thesis, University Vienna, 2014

Matuszewski, Sebastian and Hermisson, Joachim and Kopp, Michael

Fisher's geometric model with a moving optimum


McGhee, George

When the Invasion of Land Failed. The Legacy of Devonian Extinction

Columbia University Press, 2014

Mascaro, Olivier and Morin, Olivier

Gullible's travel: how honest and trustful children become vigilant communicators

Psychology Press, 2014

Mitteroecker, Philipp and Mayer, Christine and Metscher, Brian D. and Müller, Gerd B.

Studying developmental variation with geometric morphometric image analysis


Noble, Denis E. and Jablonka, Eva and Joyner, Michael J. and Müller, Gerd B. and Omholt, Stig W.

Evolution evolves: physiology returns to centre stage


Nuño de la Rosa Garcia, Laura and Müller, Gerd B. and Metscher, Brian D.

The lateral mesodermal divide: an epigenetic model of the origin of paired fins


Rasskin-Gutman, Diego and Esteve-Altava, Borja

Connecting the dots: anatomical network analysis in morphological EvoDevo


Watson, Richard A. and Wagner, Günter P. and Pavlicev, Mihaela and Weinreich, Daniel M. and Mills, Rob

The evolution of phenotypic correlations and developmental memory


Windhager, Sonja and Schaschl, Helmut and Schaefer, Katrin and Mitteroecker, Philipp and Huber, Susanne and Wallner, Bernhard and Fieder, Martin

Variation at genes influencing facial morphology are not associated with developmental imprecisions in human faces


Xenakis, Ioannis and Arnellos, Argyris

Aesthetic perception and its minimal content: a naturalistic approach


Boniolo, Giovanni

In memoriam Werner Callebaut


Favé, Marie-Julie and Johnson, Robert A. and Cover, Stefan and Handschuh, Stephan and Metscher, Brian D. and Müller, Gerd B. and Gopala, Shyamalika and Abouheif, Ehab

Past climate change on Sky Islands drives novelty in a core developmental gene network and its phenotype


Hernandez-Chavez, Paola

Obituario a Werner Callebaut (1952-2014)

Centro de Estudios Filosóficos, Politicos y Sociales, Vincente Lombardo Toledano, 2015

Jaeger, Johannes and Monk, Nick

Everything flows: a process perspective on life


Konstantinidis, Peter and Warth, Peter and Naumann, Benjamin and Metscher, Brian and Hilton, Eric J. and Olsson, Lennart

The developmental patterns of the musculature associated with the mandibular and hyoid arches in the Longnose Gar, Lepisosteus osseous (Actinopterygii, Ginglymodi, Lepisosteiformes)


Laland, Kevin N. and Uller, Tobias and Feldman, Marc W. and Sterelny, Kim and Müller, Gerd B. and Moczek, Armin and Jablonka, Eva and Odling-Smee, John

The Extended Evolutionary Synthesis: its structure, assumptions and predictions


Matuszewski, Sebastian and Hermisson, Joachim and Kopp, Michael

Catch me if you can: adaptation from standing genetic variation to a moving phenotypic optimum


Mitteroecker, Philipp and Windhager, Sonja and Müller, Gerd B. and Schaefer, Katrin

The morphometrics of "masculinity" in human faces


Morin, Olivier

Cultural Transmission: How Traditions Live and Die

Oxford University Press, 2015

Müller, Gerd B. and Nemeschkal, Hans L.

Zoologie im Hauch der Moderne: Vom Typus zum offenen System

Vienna University Press | V&R Unipress, 2015

Rasskin-Gutman, Diego

Russell's Turkey and the death of a thinker


Sarto-Jackson, Isabella and Richards, Robert J. and Nelson, Richard R.

Quality and quantity: limits of quantification in the sciences


van Sold, Benjamin J. and Metscher, Brian D. and Poelmann, Robert E. and Verist, Bart and Vonk, Freek J. and Müller, Gerd B. and Richardson, Michael K.

Heterochrony and early left-right asymmetry in the development of the cardiorespiratory system of snakes


Walsh, Denis

Organisms, Agency, and Evolution

Cambridge University Press, 2015

Arnellos, Argyris and Moreno, Alvaro

Multicellular agency: an organizational view


Barwich, Ann-Sophie and Chang, Hasok

Sensory measurements: coordination and standardization


Sarto-Jackson, Isabella and MacLeod, Miles and Handschuh, Stephan and Frischer, Christoph and Lang, Julia and Schlumpp, Martin and Callebaut, Werner

A piecewise aggregation of (some) philosophers' and biologists' perspectives


Sarto-Jackson, Isabella

How to bake a brain: yeast as a model neuron


Verd, Berta

EvoDevo in phase space: the dynamics of gap gene expression

Doctoral Theis, Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona, 2016

Altenberg, Lee

Evolutionary computation


Vienna Series
Arnellos, Argyris and Moreno, Alvaro

Integrating constitution and interaction in the transition from unicellular to multicellular organisms

MIT Press, 2016

Crombach, Anton and Wotton, Karl R. and Jiménez-Guri, Eva and Jaeger, Johannes

Gap gene regulatory dynamics evolve along a genotype network


Mitteroecker, Philipp and Fischer, Barbara

Adult pelvic shape change is an evolutionary side-effect


Mitteroecker, Philipp and Huttegger, Simon and Fischer, Barbara, and Pavicev, Mihaela

Cliff-edge model of obstetric selection in humans


Noedl, Marie-Therese and Kerbl, Alexandra and Walzl, Manfred G. and Müller, Gerd B. and de Couet, Heinz Gert

The cephalopod arm crown: appendage formation and differentiation in the Hawaiian bobtail squid Euprymna scolopes


Altenberg, Lee and Liberman, Uri and Feldman, Marcus W.

Unified reduction principle for the evolution of mutation, migration, and recombination


Schmidt, Marco F.H. and Gonzalez-Cabrera, Ivan and Tomasello, Michael

Children’s developing metaethical judgments


Gonzalez-Cabrera, Ivan

Moving Beyond Dichotomies


Tomasello, Michael and Gonzalez-Cabrera, Ivan

The role of ontogeny in the evolution of human cooperation


Cazzolla Gatti, Roberto and Hordijk, Wim and Kauffman, Stuart

Biodiversity and autocatalysis


Di Cola, Valeria and Broennimann, Olivier and Paetitpierre, Blaise and Breiner, Frank T. and D´Amen, Manuela and Randin, Christophe and Engler, Julien and Pio, Dorothea and Dubuis, Anne and Pellissier, Loic and Mateo, Rubén G. and Hordijk, Wim and Slamin, Nicolas and Guisan, Antoine

Ecospat: an R package to support spatial analyses and modelling of species niches and distributions


Fischer, Barbara

Werden wir unsterblich?

Brandstätter Verlag, 2017

Fleck, Michel and Fischer, Barbara and Simon, Uwe K.

Am Puls: Biologie 5


Hordijk, Wim

Cause and process in evolution